Post-Wedding Portrait Sitting

What if you didn’t have to take time for pictures after your ceremony but rather scheduled a post-wedding portrait session on your wedding weekend?

Who really wants to stop and take family pictures after you’ve just planted a kiss on your partner and have exited your wedding ceremony to the applause and cheering of family and friends?

Experience teaches me that a few minutes for pictures quickly turns into an hour. And that glow you felt as you walked down the aisle quickly fades into a permanent and painful smile. Your feet start to hurt you get a little hangry, too.

I’ve experienced this scenario over and over again as a wedding photographer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I recently spent an incredible evening with a couple, Christin and Jacob, who married at the Timber Ridge Lodge, a fantastic location for weddings at Keystone Resort. They decided that the experience I just mentioned – nearly universal for wedding couples in the United States – wasn’t for them.

Instead, Christin and Jacob spent an evening with me a couple of days after their wedding enjoying themselves and each other as I photographed them in the mountains with a dramatic sunset and a rising moon at Mount Falcon Park. We timed it for the golden hour – that precious hour of sunlight before sun sets.

Most couples never enjoy the sunset on their wedding day. By the time family photographs are finished, the cocktail hour is over and everyone rushes inside for dinner. Usually, Dad is toasting the couple while the best light of the day disappears into darkness.

Here are the results of Christin and Jacob’s post-wedding portrait sitting.

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