Perfect Wedding Pictures

Creating perfect wedding pictures shouldn’t be complicated. Here are five simple tips to help couples get wedding pictures that are beautiful and perfectly unique to them.

Tip #1 Develop A Rapport

Style comes into play here. Is your photographer more formal? Or, do they shoot from the hip? In both cases, there is a level of direction and willingness to let things unfold. It’s important to develop a rapport with your photographer (hopefully before the wedding day) that gives you a clear sense of how much direction you can expect as well as what feels right to you.

perfect wedding pictures

Tip #2 Act Natural

Be yourself in front of the camera. Pretending the photographer isn’t there frees you to be yourself. Laugh, smile, hug and cry. A good photograph is judged by whether it feels genuine. So, be genuine! Your photographer will always instruct you to look directly at the camera when it’s needed.

perfect wedding pictures

Tip #3 Show Your Love

Love your bridegroom, love your family, love your friends. Are you an introvert? If you are, then this is the one day of your life where you need to be an extrovert. Share your feelings openly. Three things you can do to demonstrate your love — touch, hug and kiss. And don’t forget to dance. Dance as if you will never dance again.perfect wedding pictures

Tip #4 Tip Your Hat To History

Unless you’re planning an elopement, families are a big part of the wedding day. There are generations. The people you grew up with? You will not always grow old with. Now is the time to share a moment with your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Don’t be afraid to ask for these pictures. Get personal with a hug, an embrace or a laugh. Looking back you will remember fondly what they mean to you.

perfect wedding pictures

Tip #5 Celebrate Yourself

Two glasses of champagne is enough for you to forget about the minor things on your wedding day. Relax, and enjoy every moment. Celebrate the day, this place, your spouse-to-be and most of all yourself. Smile when you walk down the aisle. Laugh a lot. Enjoy every minute and you will get beautiful wedding photographs and you will look gorgeous doing it:) Hopefully these simple tips help you get the wedding pictures you’ve always wanted to remember your day by!

perfect wedding pictures

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