So glad you’re here! It means you’ve seen our work and found inspiration. It also means we’re both here wondering the same thing. Are we a good fit?

It’s a great question and we don’t want you to take us on without knowing the nature of our commitment.

But first, a couple of things. Know that we don’t write your history, we’re a witness to it. For us, it’s not about shooting the cliché which is easy, but about photographing meaningful moments. It’s also not about making outrageous, in-your-face , over-produced photographs. So what is it then?

Hey, that’s another great question:)


We want you to feel what we see. We want you to love it, of course. But we actually think: How will your photos affect the next generations? We want your kids-kids-kids-kids to know you. We’re creating a testimony to your lives. Woven carefully together, our photographs create a rich, true, knowable story of your wedding. For you, your family, and for the many generations to follow.

Our Approach

• We document history. The unfolding of your wedding in classic moments that belong only to you. The palpable emotion and feeling behind ceremony, ritual, family and group photos, and you — together and separately.

• We tell your story truthfully. It’s hard to explain, but its importance is only truly knowable afterwards.

• We look for beauty: Emotion. Nature. Color. Light. Texture.

• We wait patiently for surprise. The glance, the touch, the unexpected juxtaposition, the breakout moments.

If you’ve made it this far, we’re ready when you are:) Below are suggested coverages. But we also offer services by the hour and anything can be changed to accommodate your specific needs. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to working with you on your wedding day!



Intimate Affair

• 4 hours of wedding photography
• Pre-wedding consultation
• 11×14 gallery print
• Professionally processed images
• Suggested album design
• Digital download

The Love Affair

• 6 hours of wedding photography
• Pre-wedding consultation
• 11×14 gallery print
• Professionally processed images
• Suggested album design
• Digital download

Black Tie Affair

• 8 hours of wedding photography
• Pre-wedding consultation
• 11×14 gallery print
• Professionally processed images
• Suggested album design
• Digital download