Wedding Album Tip

Here’s a wedding album tip we’ve learned from experience. Every year at this time, we’re reminded of just how important having a wedding album really is. The season is winding down and almost all of our couples have their wedding pictures.

For every wedding, we provide an album design and try to incentivize people to buy the wedding album we’ve designed for them. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

It can be frustrating. Imagine if you are a musician and a couple hires you to write and perform music for their wedding. Then, to save money, the couple decides to perform the music themselves and the result is less than stellar.

Matted wedding album with picture of couple.

It’s kind of like that with wedding photography. We take pictures of the wedding and execute our vision or “performance” by designing a beautiful wedding album that is an heirloom, a piece of history and a love story all wrapped into one.

While our clients universally love what we do, our “musical score” is NOT our “performance.”

Matted wedding album with wedding pictures inset.

Just as importantly, an album is not a DVD that gets scratched or a hard drive that fails. It’s an actual thing you can hold and touch and return to. An archival wedding album should last a really, really long time. Like, longer than either of you will live kind of time.

Matted wedding album with wedding pictures inset.

But all too often the trend now is to skimp. The cloud or a USB drive is where your wedding pictures end up. If your wedding is that important, it should be memorialized and treasured. It’s a priceless piece of your family’s history.

Ultimately, wedding pictures should be printed, not just posted to your Facebook or Instagram page — although there’s a place for that too.

Matted wedding album with wedding pictures inset.

To illustrate, one client recently called us in a panic, six years after her wedding. She wanted to see if we still had her wedding pictures — fortunately, we did.

Over the phone she told us how she lost her image files during a move. And of course, she never got around to performing the music we wrote for her i.e. making her wedding album! 

Matted wedding album with wedding pictures inset.

To illustrate this post, here’s a recent Fine Art Book for Jenn and Adam who married at The Broadmoor. This book is archival, printed by us, and as much a work of art as it is a historical document. It’s what we think everyone should have. The performance!

If you’re planning a wedding and looking to hire a photographer to document your day? Here’s our tip about wedding albums: Don’t skimp, buy the album.

Matted wedding album with wedding pictures inset.