Wedding Photography Style

Style in wedding photography has always been the order of the day — we all get caught doing it, taking the picture that everyone wants. As a wedding photographer, I’ve lived through more than one style phase.

Do you remember the blue tuxedo era? How about the black and white picture of the couple with just the flowers in color? Or, how about trashing your dress? … And will putting Star Wars or Jurassic Park in the background ever get old?

When you look back at your wedding photos, you can’t help but ask What was I thinking? Style is really a polite veil hiding what’s really important; your love for one another and your relationship with your family and friends!

The truth is the truth is more important than style. The more photographers practice a certain style or look, the more cliche it becomes!

To avoid that and the awkward moment ten years later when you look back at your wedding photographs that you loved so much at the time, start thinking about substance.

Have a conversation with your 60-year-old self. What is it that will be important to that person? To me, the answer is moments — especially unscripted moments between loved ones.

Moments are never about style; they’re something more. Moments will last longer than any stylish picture that’s “all the rage” right now.

Your view of your wedding photographs on your 25th wedding anniversary will be much different than it is today. To illustrate, here are some wonderful moments from past weddings.