What To Wear For Engagement Pictures

“What do I wear for my engagement pictures?”

Great question and it depends entirely on your own style and taste. Along with the location, your dress sets a tone for the pictures and evokes a mood. A good rule of thumb to wear clothes with staying power. They are never outdated. That said go with any dress that fits your style best.

Ideas for engagement pictures: 

• Figure out your story. If, for instance, you met on the ski slopes or at the dog park, consider incorporating the ski hill or the dog park during your sitting. 

• Consider more than one outfit and more than one location. Breaking your shoot into more than one session provides contrast and more options. 

•  Use the movies. I take inspiration from the movies. One of my favorites is the “Royal Tenenbaums.” Style is everywhere in the movies.

•  Be yourself. Don’t fake it. If you’re more comfortable in cowboy boots and jeans than a cocktail dress? Go with what makes you, YOU. 

• Makeup and hair are important. But don’t overdo it.