Why Wedding Photography Is Like Music

I’m always listening to music. When the phone rings in my office, I usually have to turn the radio off. (Yes, I still listen to the radio:) I enjoy wedding photography in the same way I enjoy music. I like variety. Ansel Adams made a great analogy to music once when he said, “The negative is the score and the print is the performance.” He’s so right!

Wedding photographs are really just musical notes

And like musical notes, the moments photographed at your wedding can be funny, romantic, happy and sad. To be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of times you can find that much love in one place. If you ask my friend Dan at Laser Sound what the difference is between a good wedding DJ and a bad one, he will tell you. The good ones are mind readers. They take the pulse of a room and hit the right note. Always. It’s no different for wedding photographers.

Amy and Adam had a Garden of the Gods Club wedding celebration. The were married in a morning wedding ceremony by the reflection pool and a luncheon immediately followed.

It’s all about hitting the right notes and expressing the right feelings

And like my friend Dan, I always try to be “in tune” with my subjects; knowing when to orchestrate and when to just be present. All the while I’m thinking about the “musical” composition; the pace, the feeling and the story of your wedding.

“I want to create a visual score of your wedding that is both unforgettable and timeless.”

Good wedding photographers are like jazz musicians most of all. Masters of improvisation and collaboration, they also know the value of a good solo performance. I chose photographs for this post to illustrate. These images are from weddings more than two years ago. To me they are timeless, beautiful and fun and definitely worth “listening to” again.

Two flower girls with feet raised on the dance floor.
Two flower girls goof off during Haley and Dan’s wedding reception in the Main Ballroom at the Broadmoor.