Wedding Planning Tips For The Modern Bride

We’re working with a wedding client now who has a modern sensibility but a limited budget so we wrote this tip sheet “Wedding Planning Tips For The Modern Bride.”

What comes to mind immediately is Liz and Andy’s morning wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens. A lunch reception at the Boettcher Mansion followed the ceremony.

Here are some wedding planning tips for the modern bride, inspired by Liz and Andy’s wedding, for the bride and groom who desires a wedding good enough for the wedding magazines but inexpensive enough to afford the honeymoon.

Marry In The Offseason Or On A Weekday Ok, Liz and Andy didn’t marry on a weekday. Nevertheless, it’s still true that weekends in the high season are more expensive. Consider something out of the box then. Holidays are the best times to marry, since relatives are often willing to travel and decorations at the local church or hotel can substitute nicely for your wedding:) In the summer, there’s no better time to marry than on a weekday. Think of it this way, if you marry on a Monday then your five-year anniversary will be on a Saturday!

Limit Your Guest List To Family Only More than anything your wedding is a wedding of two families. No need for a wedding party or friends here. I learned A LOT from Liz and Andy in this respect. Their wedding day was for family only and this was a special guest list indeed. A family-only wedding is not just about saving money, but also about creating something unforgettable; a one-of-a-kind experience for you and for those who are closest to you. Pro Tip: Have your friends over for a BBQ later to celebrate your nuptials.

Schedule A Morning Ceremony And Lunch Reception You, like everyone else, look your best and feel the freshest in the morning. Plus, your Uncle won’t drink all of the scotch, everyone gets home safely and the two of you can actually enjoy an evening together:) You also make every wedding professional you hired over-the-moon happy because they get home at a decent hour.

Think Hors d’oeuvres And Skip The Lunch Liz and Andy picked a very fine caterer, Bisquits and Berries. They delivered a small buffet of light, but delicious hors d’oeuvres. Gateaux Pastries provided Petit Fours instead of cake which made things even sweeter.

Hire Your Photographer By The Hour  Liz and Andy came to me late and asked me to work by the hour. Because I photographed their wedding on an hourly basis the fee was reduced.

Wedding Locations And Public Spaces Are The Same Liz and Andy purchased a membership at the Denver Botanic Gardens and received a reduced rental fee. Because they were also marrying in the morning and late in the season the fee was even less. The Boettcher Mansion, where their wedding reception was held, is a public space managed by Jefferson County.

If you plan your wedding with these tips in mind, you CAN have the wedding of your dreams, good enough for the wedding magazines but inexpensive enough to afford your honeymoon! Click here to see Liz and Andy’s wedding in Brides Colorado Magazine.

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